Terms and Conditions

  1. Haracare only provides independent resources (Partner). Haracare does not employ the Partner and will only act as a mediator between Partner and Service User. Thus, each agreement entered into between Partner and Service User is not our responsibility.
  2. Customers are required to provide the necessary information with complete, factual and proper details. Any costs or losses due to inaccurate information are beyond our responsibility.
  3. Service Users are only allowed to give orders in accordance with the services booked.
  4. Service Users are not allowed to offer or agree to additional services that are not offered through haracare platform and are not included in haracare general and legal services.
  5. Service Users shall be wary of and keep their personal safety and property, as if when interacting with new people. (Customers are expected to conduct surveillance while the service is taken place) Therefore, Service Users are advised to store their valuable items in a secure place before haracare Partner conducts their duty. Haracare will not be responsible for any obligations arising or may arise during the use of the service.
  6. In order to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings, Haracare Partner will offer themselves to be inspected of self and belongings before leaving the job site. And it is expected to the Service Users to examine thoroughly.
  7. If the Partner fails to offer themselves to be inspected, Service Users shall conduct an examination of the Partner and their belongings. Because haracare will not be liable for the loss that occurs during and after the service is carried out.
  8. Maid Service and Express Cleaning from haracare are not applicable for Deep Cleaning which requires special materials such as to clean any stubborn stains, unreachable areas or the ones which require special tools and/ or the areas with high risk level.
  9. Deep Cleaning service will be implemented as thoroughly as possible and can only be done if there is no other activity in the Area.
  10. The cleaning process in Special Service will be implemented as thoroughly as possible. We do not guarantee all the stains will disappear completely. Especially for heavy and old stains or stains caused by chemicals substances.
  11. Pest Control service is conducted using hazardous substances. Thus, aside from our officers, we urged the customers not to approach the site unless given permission from the officer in charge. This service aims to control or minimize pests. We do not guarantee the pest will disappear completely.
  12. Any complaints against the services will only be accepted if our maid employees or partners are still in the work area.