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House Cleaning

House cleaning is to clean up services are a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom


Laundry service, Clothes washing service for 10-15 pcs in 1 hour

Inside Fridge

Inside Fridge service, Inside Fridge cleaning service for 1 fridge in 1 hour

Ironing Service

Ironing Service, for 15 pcs of clean clothes in 1 hour

Diswashing Service

Diswashing Service, for 20-25 pcs of plates in 1 hour

Traditional Ceremony

House area cleaning service during and after the ceremony, to ensure it runs smoothly

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Deep Cleaning

Detail Cleaning For House, Apartment, Villa, Office etc

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning services ranging from tables, stove, exhaust fan, refrigerator, oven, wall and floor.

Window Cleaning

The cleaning service of window glass, building glass, glass roofs of all types are using the medium of glass. Our services offer maintenance contracts in accordance with the request.

Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning services include tile floors, teracotta, porcelain, marble, terrazzo, palimanan, parquet and other types of flooring.

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Mattress Sanitizing

The mattresses are the ideal breeding grounds for dust mites since the mattress is warm, moist, and collect a large amount of human skin flakes shed every night when we sleep.

Mattress Cleaning

The aim to clean the mattress is due to the dirty springbed sheet and stains (sweat, children’s pee stains, blood stains and other liquid spills) we will do our best to clean them with our effective methods.

Carpet Cleaning

The types of dirt found on the carpet are mostly fine dust, sand and soil that cause the disease such as coughs, colds and asthma.

Bathroom Cleaning

Professional cleaning service that we offer is a service of cleaning the toilet / bathroom.

Chair Cleaning

Good quality chairs, dining chairs, office chairs and other upholstered furniture, require professional cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness and comfort.

Sofa Cleaning

Good quality sofas, dining chairs, office chairs and other upholstered furniture, require professional cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness and comfort.

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Cockroaches Control

Among the most notable species are the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, which has the length of 3 cm, the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, with the length of ± 1½ cm, and the Asian cockroach, 1 x Treatment.

Termite Control

Termites are social insects, Isoptera infraordo members, part of the order of Blattodea (cockroaches), widely recognized as important pest of human life. Termites nesting in and eat the wood of home furnishings or framework that highly raises a lot of economic losses,

Bed Bugs Control

Bedbugs are brown, blood-sucking insects. They usually settled and proliferate in the pores and crevices around the bed. They emerge at night (Nocturnal) to suck the blood of their prey. Body heat and carbon dioxide blown by human are what attract the bedbugs to alight on the human body.

Flies Control

Flies are type of insect from Diptera order (Derived from the Greek language di means two and ptera means wings). Flies Control Is the main culprit in the spread of germs in food. Control flies can be very important given the importance in maintaining health.

Ants Control

Ants are all members of insect from Formicidae tribe, Hymenoptera nation. Ants have more than 12,000 types (species), mostly living in the tropical area.

Fogging Care

Mosquitoes are insects belonging to Diptera order; genera includes Anopheles, Culex, Psorophora, Ochlerotatus, Aedes, Sabethes, Wyeomyia, Culiseta, and Haemagoggus for an aggregate amount of about 35 genera that summarize 2700 species.